4 Incredibly Useful Trees That Smart Preppers Will Plant In Their Survival Gardens

What do you have growing in your own survival garden? I’ll wager that most if not all of it consists of fruit and vegetables. But there some useful trees that you should also consider planting…

White Birch

The white birch has a distinct papery bark that works great as fire-starting tinder. In fact, white birch bark can even light when damp.

Additionally, the white birch produces a drinkable sap that does not require purification before consumption.

Honey Locust

Close spaced locust trees are naturally thorny and can create a great protective barrier for your property.

The honey locust also yields edible pods that contain legume pulp. In the past, Native American people would dry this pulp and use it as a natural sweetener.

Apple Tree

Having your own apply tree will give you access to a resource which can be eaten, stored, traded, or even processed into cider.

One thing to note when planning your survival garden is that most apple varieties do not pollinate themselves. Plant at least two different varieties near each other so that bees can cross-pollinate them.

American Plum

Similar to the honey locust, the American plum trees work as both a physical deterrent to keep people away from your property and a reliable food source.

The fruit from plum trees can be used to make juice, jams, and even wine.

What do you have growing in your own survival garden? I’ll wager that fruit and vegetables form most if not all of it. But what trees have you planted as well? …


So get planting one or two of those kinds of trees, because they could really come in handy when SHTF! For more useful survival tips and tricks, check out Survival Frog Blog.

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