Could You Identify These 6 Highly Venomous Snakes While Bugging Out?

There’s a whole load of dangers that we have to learn to contend with while we’re bugging out or spending time out in the wilderness. Freezing cold, fast rivers, animal attack – they’re all quite potentially life threatening.

But there’s … Read the rest

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5 Reasons Why An E-Tool Is The Ultimate Piece Of Prepper Kit That You Simply Must Have!

In a survival or wilderness situation, having the right tools and equipment available to do the many tasks required is an essential. From digging to starting fires to self-defense, we need tools of various sorts to help keep us going.… Read the rest

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(Video) So This Guy Takes 3 Branches, Ties Them Together, And Then What? The End Results Are Totally Impressive…

It’s been mentioned before in this blog, and many other people have made the same, somewhat self-evident point, namely that if you really want to learn how to survive out in the wilderness with minimal equipment then the best people … Read the rest

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