So What Type Of Prepper Are You? Check Out This Guide And Find Out!

This little guide attempts to categorize the various different prepper type, interesting, but perhaps not to be taken too seriously. So where do you fit along the prepper type continuum?

The Denier
This type of person believes that if disaster strikes, it won’t affect them. They see natural disasters and other terrible things happening on the news or online, but they wholeheartedly deny the fact that such a thing could ever happen in their hometown.
These people avoid the daily stressors that come with anticipating disaster situations and may lead more laid-back lives, but if a disaster ever did strike, they wouldn’t know what to do at all.
If you come across this type of person, share with them the importance of preparing for an emergency situation and give them a few pointers. If nothing else, they’ll at least have some advice if the time ever comes to deal with a disaster situation.

The Self-Defense Guru
Some people understand that they could be put in bad situations and want to be prepared for situations where they can fight their opponents and defend themselves and their family. These people work out often to build muscle and become strong and confident. They may also invest in weapons to keep in their home in case of an intruder.
This type of person is probably well prepared for violent disasters or attacks close to home, such as break-ins or gang violence. However, they are not prepared for natural disasters or situations in which the problem is not a physical person who can be fought. If faced with a disaster they cannot defend themselves from, they may become panicked and violent — which could lead to more potential problems such as road rage and aggressive driving.
Keep the self-defense guru in your life close. They can definitely come in handy for some of the situations mentioned above and are a great person to have on your side. Talk to them to find ways that their strength and abilities can come in handy during other disasters, like severe weather.

The Outdoorsman
The true outdoorsman is ready for anything. These people are typically strong, have good survival skills, know what to do when faced with harsh conditions and are ready for anything. They may enjoy being off the grid and living life deep in nature.
The outdoorsman is very well prepared for basically any type of disaster. They can survive anywhere they may have to flee to, are strong enough to fight off enemies and have experience living in harsh or unpleasant conditions.
When dealing with outdoorsmen, remember that for them, spending time outdoors and off the grid is where they feel safest and most comfortable. Support their lifestyle and learn anything you can from them — in case the time ever comes for you to enter the wilderness with nothing but a backpack.

The “Doing the Best I Can” Prepper
Some people don’t let prepping for a disaster take over their lives, but they have the basic skills and materials to protect their family. These people may be single parents, young adults living alone or families who simply aren’t making disaster prep their main focus.
People who are doing the best they can may have some food stocked and have an evacuation plan in place. They might also have some basic self-defense skills and could probably defend and protect their family if it came down to it. However, these people aren’t consumed with the idea of a disaster striking, which is probably a healthy outlook to have.

Could you recognize yourself in this guide? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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