These 15 Clever Fishing Hacks Really Do Work (And Will Also Be Handy For That SHTF Situation!)

Most preppers when thinking about harvesting wild protein tend to think primarily about hunting, either big or small game. I guess this is understandable in some ways – after all, meat makes up the bulk of protein currently for most of us – but maybe it’s time for a SHTF situation rethink?

Pound for pound, fish actually has a higher protein content than meat and has far less harmful fats as well. Fishing also requires less space than hunting, and one small body of water can keep a family fed indefinitely if managed correctly.

But probably what steers people primarily to hunting rather than fishing is that fishing is perceived to be difficult (and let’s be honest here – it can be). But these 15 clever little hacks really will make the process a lot easier.

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