15 Insects You Should Try Eating! They Taste Delicious And Will Help Save You When TSHTF!

We westerners have some strange prejudices, and that’s never more true than when it comes to the subject of food.

Our food trends have taken us far away from the way that our forbears worked with Nature to provide for their nutritional needs. Now, almost everything we eat is processed in some way – even the meat we eat is stuffed full of chemicals and artificial hormones and our vegetables are probably genetically modified.

We pay dearly for this dependence on food processing. We pay for it with our health and we pay for it because it affects our attitudes to the natural foods around us – attitudes that will have a disastrous effect on our survival when SHTF situations happen.

Peoples in other parts of the world have an entirely different attitude to what Mother Nature provides – especially when it comes to insect life. In fact some 80% of the world’s population consume insects as part of their regular diet (and also suffer far less obesity and cardio problems than westerners). They recognize them as a plentiful, nutritious and also tasty  food source, whereas we look on them with disgust.

This myopic attitude in us westerners need to change, especially if we are going to survive the calamitous disasters that are rapidly heading our way. We need to start looking at the insect and mollusk  life around us with new eyes.

Ask yourself: which is more important – my own nonsensical prejudices, or the survival of my family?

So, here’s my list of the 15 best edible insect and mollusk species that you should be looking out for, and the best ways to prepare them.


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