3 Emergency Toothache Cures That May Save You Unbearable Agony When SHTF!

Most preppers when thinking about emergency medical situations straight away jump to the more extreme scenarios when planning for the SHTF situation. Things such as a gunshot would, a broken limb and so on.

But in reality, it’s far more likely that we or our family members are going to suffer from a whole set of more minor ailments rather than the big and life threatening ones (that doesn’t mean the major issues shouldn’t be considered of course).

One situation that is non life threatening, but at the same time has the ability to totally incapacitate us is the dreaded toothache!

Everyone hates toothache. Probably mainly because it means a visit to the dentist, who generally inflicts severe pain while curing us, as well as draining our bank accounts dry. However, when SHTF and we develop a serious toothache then we’ll certainly be wishing our dentist was still around to use his or her drills.

It’s in this situation that we’re going to need to revert to some good old fashioned plant based remedies to cure our agony. So check out the three of them on the Next Page…

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