5 Incredibly Useful Ways This Everyday Household Item Can Help When SHTF!

When we’re planning our survival kits, we all think of the obvious items, things such as food packs, weapons, tools and such like.

But there’s one essential aspect to staying healthy and well that most of us probably pay insufficient attention to, and that’s basic hygiene and cleanliness. This is a really big mistake though because when the SHTF and normal utilities that we all take for granted, such as sewerage and water fail, then cleanliness is going to assume a whole new importance!

If you’re not in this category and you’ve got it all sorted, then apologies and please feel free to move on. For the rest of us though, you might want to check out this writers ideas on how to turn an everyday item like Dawn Soap into an amazingly useful survival tool.

I’ll wager you hadn’t thought of all of these 5 ways!

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