6 Critical Things About Knives That All Preppers Need To Know

If you inspect the bug out bags and survival kits of a hundred different preppers you’re going to find a huge variety of different tools and equipment in them. It’s a certainty though that there’s only one item that’s guaranteed to be in all of them, and that is of course a survival knife.

All of us know that a good knife is the number one survival tool and that without one our chances of surviving after SHTF are massively reduced. They’re incredibly versatile and can perform many different functions and of course can also double up as a useful weapon if needed.

However, while picking a survival knife might seem like an easy job, in actual fact it’s not. There’s lot’s of different aspects that can affect our decision such as cost, functionality, local laws and quality levels.

So head over the next page and read this list from Survival Cache on 6 tips to purchasing, using and maintaining your survival knife…

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