We Want To LIVE A Little After SHTF, Not Just Survive! Learn To Make These Homemade Extracts And Enjoy Your Food

When thinking about a prepper life after the major SHTF disaster strikes, most people (preppers included) Tend to think of a doomsday type scenario, violence, deprivation and starvation. And it has to be admitted that initially at least this is probably going to be the case – things will be really tough and the weak and unprepared will probably not survive too long.

But is this really how we want to spend the rest of our lives? Is this how we want our children to continually exist? Probably not. It’s highly unlikely that life would ever return fully to the old pre SHTF ways, but there’s no reason why we won’t be able to make our lives more comfortable and some very good reasons why we should try to do so.

Living a more comfortable life is excellent for morale and that in turn leads to increased happiness which in turn leads to more effort to improve and so it goes on. One area that we can definitely work on is improvements in our diet – not just the same boring hunted meat and vegetables every day, but perhaps something with a little more flavor>

So check out the recipes over the next page for great homemade extracts (and even save yourself some cash right now!)

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