Being Sick When SHTF Can Be A Disaster In Itself. Here’s How One Prepper Survived An Incredible Ordeal

Being sick is always something that’s horrible. When we’re sick, our bodies feel bad – sometimes so bad that it’s almost unbearable – and our morale also sinks to low levels. Generally though we manage to get through the experience and come out the other side of it fit and well once again.

EDT Tool offerIt helps of course that we live in a modern society with high levels of hygiene and access to the most modern medical facilities available.

But what happens when this isn’t the case? What happens if we take really sick after a major SHTF scenario, when there’s going to be no ambulance to take you away to a hospital for medical treatment (and there’s probably no functioning hospital either of course)?

At this point you have to fend for yourself, and that’s what the prepper in this amazing (allegorical) tale had to do. It forces us to think about the subject of staying fit and healthy when SHTF and I strongly recommend reading it in it’s entirety…

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