How To Successfully Camp And Backpack In The Rain – Don’t Let That Bad Weather Rule The Situation!

My family and I have been keen campers for many years. Sometimes we take our large 15 by 18 frame tent on a family vacation, and sometimes I take a one person hiker tent out into the wilds on my own.

But whatever the camping situation, we all understand one sting very well, and that is that bad weather is something that you really do have to learn to deal with. If you don’t learn how to do this successfully then that camping trip can turn into a living hell.

It’s bad enough if you’re just out on a vacation or a hiking trip. At least then you can just pack up and go home. But if you’re in a SHTF situation you can’t do that, and so you simply must cope with what Mother Nature throws at you somehow.

The video over the next page is sure to offer some inspiration on how to get the most out of your backpacking or camping no matter how much it rains.

Learning to cope with bad weather though does give a real feeling of achievement.

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