(Video) How To Cook Our In The Wild When You’re Missing Your Normal Cooking Gear

Often preppers seem to spend a lot more time on acquiring supplies and equipment than they do on learning new skills. And yet, ultimately it’s the skills that will enable survival. Without the necessary skills and knowledge we will fail.

There’s one area of expertise in particular that’s often overlooked, and that’s the ability to be able to cook out in the wild, without any normal gear. Sure, anyone can prepare a meal outdoors if they have their utensils, but what if you don’t?

One way that you can cook outdoors without any special gear is by cooking directly on coals. It sounds a bit counter intuitive, but cooking this way lets you control the process much better and avoid burning the food the way an open fame does.

There is some ash to contend with, but that can mostly be brushed off, and anyway, it adds a little flavor!

The video over the next page shows you how to do this:

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