(Video) One Of The Best Knife Sharpening Tutorials I’ve Seen. I Strongly Suggest Watching It

There’s no doubt in my mind that of all the survival tools that you can have, a good survival knife is way ahead of any thing else in terms of importance. I think that most of you are likely to agree with that as well. Not only does it enable you to do multiple chores, it can also double as a weapon if needed.

Let’s face it, without a decent knife you’re going to be pretty well screwed.

But of course a knife is only ever as good as it’s blade, and if the edge of that blade is dull, then your knife is not much use for anything.

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I’ll be honest, knife sharpening is something that I’ve really struggled with over the years. I just never seemed to be able to get the razor sharp edge that I wanted and would struggle for hours with the sharpening stone. Nowadays I’ve got it right, but I’m sure many of you still struggle. So that’s why I decided to share this video from British survival expert Ray Mears…


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