(Video) So, You’re Ready For SHTF? Oh Really! Do You Actually Have This One All-Important Trait?

Our number one goal as preppers after the major SHTF catastrophe is obviously to survive. We need to be able to last through whatever crap is going on around us, and eventually come out not only alive, but on top of the situation.

That’s all good, but of course you won’t be the only one around who is trying to do just that. The survival instinct is very strong in humans, and even those who have made no efforts to prepare will be desperately struggling to achieve the same goals as you.

Yes, when society is collapsing it really will be everyone for themselves and things will get mega ugly very fast.

What you need to win is to get smarter and stronger than the competition. You need to improve on what you can and learn what you currently don’t and there’s no better resource than an expert prepper.

So take a took at this well laid out and informative tutorial on how to improve your longevity chances after SHTF. The guy explains all that you need to learn and guides you through proper survival techniques…



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